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About Us

Matt and Dawn McCormick help businesses - primarily manufacturing,
but not exclusively - secure and manage resources.
Matt offers expertise in manufacturing maintenance optimization,
program management and training.
Dawn offers expertise in grant and incentive awards and management.
As an extension of your staff or mentoring your staff,
McCormick Consulting is confident we will deliver results for you

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Dawn’s government and community relation skills are key to managing expectations on both sides of the table. She is superb at crafting realistic strategies for success. Dawn’s candor and direct approach to issues goes a long way to advance and in some cases expedite negotiations and timelines. I have the pleasure of working with Dawn on several large projects within the Aerotropolis district and the larger Southeast Michigan region. Each has components regulated by government agencies from federal and state levels down to county and local units of governments. Currently several of these projects are in place and already preparing for their next level of growth.

"I’ve worked alongside Matt for over 20 years. Matt shows an unparalleled ability to see and solve problems before they become catastrophic. He shows remarkable creativity and incisiveness when dealing with client partners and internal clients. Matt is a born leader and an untiring client advocate. His talents in organization, planning, system development and leadership are indispensable to his team and his client partners in improving uptime and reducing costs."


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