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We Help Businesses Secure and Manage Resources

Manufacturing Maintenance

Program Management & Optimization, Employee Training

We help clients streamline manufacturing maintenance operations in repair and preventative maintenance departments plant-wide, reducing costs. Our consultant will identify, measure and control total maintenance and opportunity for cost-reduction or elimination while meeting or exceeding goals of efficiency. Our clients' realize an increase in uptime in all equipment plant-wide including stationary and rolling stock with proper maintenance scheduling, testing, and process and procurement improvements; reduce Maintenance Labor Costs Plant-wide by the application of consistent and enforceable maintenance protocols; consolidate procurement efforts to reduce duplication and inventory overages in all maintenance supplies and services currently in use. and identify best-value vendors and eliminate low value vendors to reduce consumption of consumable materials and increase longevity of equipment and to reduce overall maintenance costs. To ensure continuous efficiency, McCormick Consulting will prepare your employees through method training in testing, planning, and analysis in lubrication, general maintenance, mechanical, solvency and inventory/procurement for maintenance and management personnel. This may also include safety and environmental training. Leadership and organizational skills training to maintenance and management personnel.

Grants, Incentives and Capital

Application, Negotiation & Compliance Management

We help businesses secure and manage resources for growth and development. We work with government, business and nonprofit, industry and education to find and secure funding for our business clients. Grants are available to business owners during their startup phase, company expansion, and for investments like research and development, energy efficiencies, economic development and employee training. But grants do come with restrictions—the money has to be spent in a particular way as outlined by the grant provider. And if you don’t play by the rules, there could be penalties. We'll research to identify potential funding sources that are compatible with your company/goals and, with your help, complete all the forms and applications, making sure they’re accurate and on time. We'll do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time and resources focusing on the other needs of your business. We have good relationships and have worked with government, foundation, corporate and industry funding partners for nearly 20 years. Our experience means we know what your awards should be — and if the offer isn’t what we expect, we’ll clarify and question the results until we secure our best opportunity! Because most corporate incentives aren’t paid up front, many companies only receive 25–50% of their business incentives. We are committed to keeping you compliant. Our consistent results have helped our clients get millions of dollars from their grant and incentive packages. Without our team of compliance experts, there’s a good chance many of these awards would have never been realized. With nearly $200 million secured for clients, we’ll make sure you not only get the best incentive package, but that you’re compliant for the long haul. We make this complicated process simple and understandable, which means you save time, money, and headaches.

Business Funding for YOUR Business 

Business Funding for YOUR Business: Annual Subscription starting at $750 This subscription, built to meet YOUR Company's unique funding needs, is ideal for businesses that want to know what grants, incentives, contracts and investor capital opportunities are available. This is also a great option for companies that have the capacity to write their own applications/ presentations and simply need someone to help them find the perfect opportunities. We'll help you avoid wasting time and money sifting through thousands of funding opportunities that aren't the right fit. Funding opportunities can provide critical capital to support plans for activities such as: growth and development, expansion/relocation, employee training, machinery and equipment, real property improvements, research and development, innovation, security and energy efficiencies.

My Company Needs Business Funding for YOUR Business